Beate Winkler

When the specialist lawyer Beate Winkler decided to set up her own law firm in 2020, she commissioned MarkeSchulz from Freiburg to create a unique, premium brand presence. For the corporate design we moved within a spectrum of four colors,  which were derived directly from the office spaces: Old wooden beams and sandstone, but also modern aluminum windows and the cool chrome of the furniture. Combined with colors that convey timelessness and quality, this created the color palette for brand communication.

I created the logo and corporate design in close cooperation with Susanne Schulz from MarkeSchulz, Freiburg. This was followed by the commission to design a gin bottle that served as a Christmas gift for clients and friends. Here, Susanne Schulz and I developed a creative and special packaging that works with layers, perspectives and different techniques.

Project: Corporate Design for Beate Winkler
Agency: MarkeSchulz, Freiburg
Client: Beate Winkler
Task: Logo, Illustration, Design
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
Illustration: Pauline Schleimer, Paris
m +49 (0) 179 722 99 61

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