Oh yeah
Oh yeah was created as part of my UI Design Studies at CareerFoundry and is an app that helps families discover special places, activities, and festivals. The platform can be used by event organisers to promote their activities. With the help of filters you can find exactly the activity that suits you and also meet up with friends.
The app was developed as a native mobile app and adheres to both Android's Material System and Apple's iOS Guidelines which results in a more natural flow of interface.
The users are families with children between 0 and 14. They are used to researching leisure activities online. Most of them live in an urban environment and love trips to nature.

As a UI/UX designer for the Oh Yeah app project, I worked on competitive analysis, user flows, wireframes, prototyping, and user testing. User-centered design allowed me to create multiple iterations, focusing on users and their needs at each stage of the design process.

There is currently no other app like it. In the UK there was one that comes very close to Oh Yeah. Hoop was an app that helped families across the UK discover things to do with their kids. It was chosen by Apple as an “App of the Year” twice, and installed by over 1.5 million families. The platform Hoop for Organisers was used by over 15.000 organisers to help promote their activities. Unfortunately, like many companies around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on Hoop and the app has been withdrawn from the market.
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